It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it and  Chad Pregracke decided it would be him.  is a non-profit organization traveling US rivers and waterways picking out garbage and debris. Pregracke grew up where the Mississippi River was his backyard. Tired of looking at debris floating by, he decided to clean it up himself. Collecting over 7 million pounds of debris, about 70,000 volunteers have joined his crusade. Pregracke’s  floating  barge is also a classroom where his staff educates about the damages of polluting river ecosystems. In his spare time, Chad’s program to plant 1 million trees along river shorelines is half way completed. Who said one person can’t make a difference?

Born November 14, 1765 – Died February 24, 1815

An American engineer and inventor, Robert Fulton developed the first commercially successful steamboat in 1807 called the Clermont. The steamboat carried passengers   between New York City and Albany on the Hudson River. Fulton died at 49 years old from Tuberculosis. Attempting to save his friend who fell through the ice in the frozen Hudson River, Fulton got soaked from the icy water and contracted pneumonia. His sickness got worse, never recovered, and died of consumption in 1815.